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Dear friends, Welcome!! So we've been a bit lax in our duties of maintaining our website. All we have to say for ourselves is "Sorry!"  Life has taken a bit longer to whip back into shape after our "trial retirement" in the summer of 07. We are happily chugging through life now. We have settled in Somersworth, NH. Steph is making friends and learning her new surroundings, Jason is reconnecting and working on establishing a stable career. These days we are focusing on the simpler things in life and dreaming of future prospects. We would like to thank you for coming to visit our site and checking up on us. Please drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!


Where is the U.S. Trip Website???

For all of the fans of the US Trip website..it still exists.  We just moved it.  If you click on US Trip on the menu bar it will take it to the website that you know and love.  With the move bugs may exist in that website please let us know and I will try and fix them as soon as possible.  Don't worry the trip may be over but the memories and the website lives on.


What is a Blog and Why it Looks Different

A blog is an online diary of sorts.  It is where we will post our news and thoughts on what is going on in our day to day life.  It will look different from the rest of the site since we are using an outside source (Google) to write and publish our blog.  The reason we are using Google is because well I (Steph) am too lazy to build a blog function on this website.  I don't think it prudent to recreate the wheel.  I welcome suggestions on how to make this more user friendly.  Your comments and emails are always welcome.




















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